animal public is a
non-profit association that is pleading for the very natural rights
of wild animals, that are kept in circuses or zoos. These are rights
that actually make sense to every sensitive human being and in spite
of that, are broken every day. In order to enforce them animal public
has compiled the "Wild Animal Statute" with the following 5

Wild Animal
Statute §1:
Wild animals have a right to freedom.

Wild Animal
Statute §2:
Wild animals have a right to a life appropriate
to the species.

Wild Animal
Statute §3:
Wild animals have a right to the conservation of
their habitats.

Wild Animal
Statute §4:
Wild animals are not living targets for amateur

Wild Animal
Statute §5:
Wild animals have a right to inviolacy.

What are animal
public´s objectives?
Not without reason animal public admits
itself to the maxim: Respect the animal! Due to the fact that the
demand for respect is one of animal public’s objectives. In
addition there is a substantial educational work about the situation
of animals kept in circuses and zoos and the improvement of the legal
situation. Other goals are the conservation of the natural habitats
as well as the support for and the installation of animal sanctuaries
for tormented animals.

How does animal
public work?
The most important instrument that animal public
uses for the enforcement of its goals, is convincing. By uncovering
and documenting crimes against the basic rights of wild animals,
politicians and the public, as well as the owners of wild animals
(zoos etc.) shall be convinced of the respectful contact with wild
animals. Furthermore we offer financial and conceptual support to
public or private facilities for projects that improve the situation
of wild animals.

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