All over Germany,
animal public is active to help animals in need. Consistently and
non-violent we plead for the end of animal suffering. animal public
investigates on the spot in circuses, zoos and on animal bourses.
Only this allows us to uncover cruelty against animals and to inform
the public.

animal public is
helping actively to save animals in need. The staff of animal public
supports authorities in the confiscation and help as an agency to get
the tortured wild animals into sanctuaries where they can live in

animal public is
actively lobbying for animal rights. In order to impose pressure on
politicians and other decision makers, animal public is also
demonstrating on the street with other animal rights groups.

But protesting alone is
not enough. Therefore the staff of animal public is involved
especially on the expert level, in order to gain support for our
topics from the public, politicians and decision makers.

By a specific media
relations work, the staff of animal public gets through to a broad
public. Because only when the public pressure is high enough,
politicians will speak for the rights of the tortured wild animals.

The staff of animal
public is seeking dialogue with interested people and therefore
regularly present with information desks in pedestrian areas. But
also on different events, like e.g. the Equitana, the staff of animal
public is on site to inform about the protection of wild animals and
their work.