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National Legislation:

Austrian animal welfare law (german and english version) pdf Download
Australia circus recommendations (english version) pdf Download
Belgian decree on circuses (english version) pdf Download
Costa Rican circus legislation (english version, unofficial translation) pdf Download
Croatian animal welfare act (english version) pdf Dowload
Danish Animal Welfare Act (english vesion) pdf Download
Estonian Animal Protection Act (english version) pdf Download
German animal welfare law (english version) pdf Download
German Guidelines "Leitlinien für die Haltung, Ausbildung und Nutzung von Tieren in Zirkusbetrieben oder ähnlichen Einrichtungen" (german version) pdf  Download
Hungarian circus legislation (english version) pdf Download
New South Wales, Australia, Circus standards (english version) pdf Download
New Zealand Animal Welfare Code for Circuses (english version) pdf Download
Nova Scotia, Canada, Circus standards (english version) pdf Download

EU Legislation:

Commission Regulation 1739/2005 laying down animal health requirements for the movement of circus animals between Member States (english version) pdf Download

Reports from animal welfare groups:

"Born Free" report from 2005 (english version) pdf Download
"Animal Defenders International" report from 2005 (english version) pdf Download
"ENDCAP" Fact Sheet 2007 (english version) pdf Download
"Circus working group" c/o RSPCA: A report into the welfare of circus animals in England and Wales, 1998 (english version) pdf Download
"Code Animal" report "Stress Behind the Glitz and Glitter" March 2008 (french version) pdf Download  (english version) link

Reports from government:

European Parliament, Committee on Culture and Education "New challenges for the circus as a part of European culture 2004/2266 (INI)" 2005 (english version) pdf Download
Report of the chairman of the circus working group, UK 2007 (english version) pdf Download
Answer of the austrian government to the EU Commission about the compatibility of the ban on wild animals in circuses with the freedom to provide services (english version) pdf Download   (german version) pdf Download
German Federal Council resolution regarding wild animals in circuses from 2003 (english version, unofficial translation) pdf Download (german version) pdf Download

Office of the Environmental Commissioner of the City of Vienna, Guidelines for the keeping of wild animals in circuses from  1997pdf Download (english version)

Documents publishe by the circus lobby:

Association of Circus Proprietors of Gt. Britain, "Standards for the care & welfare of circus animals on tour", December 2001 (english version) pdf Download